Polymath Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The team behind the development of Polymath Coin is led by Trevor Koverko. He started early in the Blockchain community. He participated in the Satoshi Roundtable several times and is an early investor in the North American Bitcoin Conference, Ethereum, Aion, Qtum, Hive, EOS and Shapeshift. He is also the founder of Digital Asset International.

Trevor Koverko and his team have been very skilled in marketing so far. The platform has already made itself known through various press reports in magazines and agencies. The team is also very active on the social media channels. There was a lot of interest from investors from the beginning.

Polymath has already been able to enter into several partnerships. The Identity-Mind, SelfKey and BnkToTheFuture team won the KYC contract. As early as 2018, Corl Financial Technologies, SeriesX and Ethereum Capital announced their intention to create security tokens on the Polymath platform.

Advantages and disadvantages

However, the platform will take some time to complete. It is scheduled to go online in October of this year. So far, however, investor confidence seems to be high. After all, there is a lot of potential in Polymath Coin. According to the development team, the security tokens will become more and more important in the future and even outperform the utility tokens.

The reason why they are not so common so far is the problem the platform wants to solve: It is quite difficult to create them while complying with tax regulations. Some speculate, however, that the security tokens could soon be a powerful competitor to the shares. And similar to Ethereum, Polymath would be the platform to which investors could turn to create such tokens. Therefore it looks quite good in this respect for the forecast.

Polymath Coin Course – Development – Forecast

POLY Coin has been traded since February 2018. At the beginning the coin was worth € 0.70. By 20 February, the price had risen to € 1.28, its best result to date. Thereafter, the price fell in the course of February into May. At the end of February it was still below € 1, and at the end of March it was € 0.25. In mid-April, the Polymath Coin price rose to over € 0.40. In May, the POLY Coin was once again able to make good gains and made it over the € 0.70 mark.

Polymath forecast: It is difficult to say where the price will move in the future. Until the platform is published, the value of the POLY Coin depends solely on the marketing of the team and the interest of the investors. Until then, the price will certainly be subject to further fluctuations. Buying Polymath Coin could be worthwhile as long as the coin is still low. That the coin is capable of price increases was shown in February.