RaiBlocks Coin – instant transactions without fees

RaiBlocks Coin wants to offer immediate transactions. The coin achieves this with its special blockchain architecture. It should enable high-speed transactions that leave other crypto currencies far behind.

Nevertheless, the blockchain should also run on relatively simple hardware. And free of charge. The RaiBlocks crypto currency is fast and practical. At the beginning of the year the price of the RaiBlocks Coin experienced a flight of fancy. Click here to find out what the forecast for 2018 looks like.

RaiBlocks Coin – What is this crypto currency checked by onlinebetrug?

The RaiBlocks Coin is the crypto currency of a novel blockchain architecture according to onlinebetrug. Its application is reminiscent of Bitcoin. The crypto currency is an alternative means of payment that can be used to make payments over the Internet. While many crypto currencies are spin-offs from Bitcoin or their blockchain is based on that of Bitcoin, the coin’s blockchain has been completely redesigned. It is intended to eliminate problems that have plagued Bitcoin for some time or threaten it in the future, says onlinebetrug.

The blockchain is a protocol, or more precisely a series of data records, which are referred to as blocks and are linked together. Most crypto currencies are based on a blockchain, as is Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin’s blockchain is not perfect, resulting in slow transactions and high hardware requirements. The most pressing problem will be the lack of scalability: Bitcoin’s blockchain becomes slower and slower as the blockchain grows. It simply can’t cope with the sheer mass of transactions.

However, the blockchain of the RaiBlocks crypto currency is programmed to be particularly slim. Coin development has been going on for several years now, as these problems were recognized early on. The protocol is actually quite simple, especially the block lattice architecture. This architecture is characterized by the fact that each RaiBlocks address is its own block chain. Each raiBlocks wallet is also a new blockchain that connects to other blockchains. The transactions are held asynchronously and are not processed via the main blockchain.

This is similar to IOTA and Ripple in that transactions are executed in real time. The waiting time for RaiBlocks Coins transactions should be less than 10 seconds. With other blockchains, all transactions are normally stored on the single blockchain. This inflates the data record and slows down the block chain. With the Rai blocks join, there are only the individual blocks of the accounts that run next to the main block chain. And this enables fast transactions in real time. The block chain only needs two transactions to transfer coins: A send transaction that deducts the amount of coins from the sender’s credit balance. And a receiving transaction that adds the amount to the recipient’s account balance.

Since there are no fees, there is no need to dig for Bitcoin profit

This process does not require as much energy as Bitcoin profit. The data packets sent are very small, so to process the transactions you don’t need computing power monsters and horrendous electricity costs. The individual blocks are connected to each other by nodes. These do nothing other than record the blocks briefly and send them again. The lightweight structure of the blockchain also means that it is infinitely scalable. The network of nodes and blocks can grow infinitely without slowing down transactions or compromising the entire system. In addition, due to the low transaction requirements, no Bitcoin profit is charged. With the exception of the fees that have to be paid on file-sharing networks. But they have nothing to do with the blockchain of the crypto currency.

The developers want to make the coin as decentralized as possible. Therefore none of the coins can be mined. To validate transactions if necessary, the “Delegated Proof of Stake” procedure is used. The DPoS is also very energy efficient compared to the methods used by many other crypto currencies. With DPoS, users holding raiBlocks coins vote on whether a transaction is legal by providing their computing power.
In the future, the crypto currency will also be used for